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List of World Heritage

    In order to show the world cultural and natural values ​​of global significance, adopted as the common heritage of mankind and become familiar with them, to create awareness in the society of commitment to the aforementioned world heritage, to ensure the necessary cooperation to restore destroyed or dissappeared, for various reasons, cultural and natural values, as part of ​​held in the October 17 - November 21, 1972, 17th General Conference of UNESCO, on November 16, 1972 was adopted the Convention "On Protection of World Cultural and Natural Heritage." This convention we joined after the approval of Law No. 2658 dated 14.04.1982, after approval by the Cabinet of Ministers № 8/4788 dated 23.05.1982, and published in «Resmî Gazete» (Official Gazette) № 17959 dated 14.02.1983.

Natural formations, monuments and sights of international importance and therefore worthy of evaluation and protection, are given the status of "World Heritage". After a series of

Thanks to the worprocedures that begin after application of Member States adopted the Convention in UNESCO and end with the consideration of those applications by experts of the International Council of Monuments and Sites (ICOMOS) and the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the values - applicants ​​for the status of World Heritage by the decision of the World Heritage Committee receive this status.

As of the end of 2011 around the world there are 936 cultural and natural values ​​included in the UNESCO World Heritage List, of them 725 are cultural, 183 are natural, 28 are contiguous (cultural and natural) values. At annual meetings of the World Heritage Committee, their number increases. More information can be obtained on the official web site of the World Heritage Center http://whc.yunesko.org/en/list.

Thanks to the work performed under the responsibility of the Chief Department for Cultural Monuments and Museums, to date the UNESCO World Heritage List includes 10 values ​​of our country.

Of those values: 

  • Historical places in Istanbul,
  • Safranbolu city (Karabük),
  • Hattuşaş (Boğazköy) – Hittite Capital (Çorum),
  • Mountain Nemrut (Adıyaman-Kahta),
  • Xanthos-Letoon (Antalya-Muğla),
  • Large Mosque and Hospital Divriği (Sivas),
  • Antique city of Troy (Çanakkale)
  • Mosque and mandrasas Selimiye in Edirne (Edirne)

       As a cultural heritage;

      • Pamukkale -Hierapolis(Denizli),
      • Göreme National Park and Kapadokya (Nevşehir) 

        Included in the lists as cultural and natural values




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